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How to Close a Customer Service Ticket

  “It’s not fixed. I can’t believe I received this. Ridiculous.” “You’ve got to stop this closing before talking to me thing!” “Why are cases being closed before anything is checked out that this has indeed been set up correctly? Am I the only one that finds this incredibly irritating?” These are just a few of the comments we’ve seen from our clients’ customers before implementing the Perfecting Service customer support best practices. A standard we instill is that the ticket isn’t completed until the customer tests and verifies the resolution and then approves that the ticket may be closed. After this confirmation, a closing email needs to be sent. Closing emails, like the name implies, close the ticket that was worked on. They leave a paper trial about the work that was done and also give you a chance to follow up with the customer one more time and leave a lasting positive impression. Even after a verbal confirmation, a closing email is needed so that you and the customer have peace of mind that the correct work was done and that any changes that were made are surely known. You can kind of think of a closing email …
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Alona Bolotnikova is committed to increasing client satisfaction and retention for managed service providers. Her years of experience in customer service and an overzealous eye for detail helped form Perfecting Service, “the best-kept secret for MSPs."