Increasing Customer Satisfaction Scores (CSAT) Through Politeness

Although most people are taught at an early age to “mind their manners,” one of the top customer service complaints is that a representative was “rude or condescending.”

A surefire way for a client to have a bad service experience is for them to be treated in a rude or even overly curt way. Additionally, customers will tell twice as many people about a negative service experience than a positive one.

Service desks can get busy and overwhelmed, but remaining polite and taking the extra split second for pleases and thank-yous is well worth it. Customers love hearing the words please and thank you repeatedly because it makes them feel important and appreciated.

Perfecting Service helps make sure that clients are getting the polite treatment that they expect from a service desk by pointing out areas where communication can be improved by increasing the level of politeness. We provide technicians with daily feedback so that they may refine their service approach and leave your clients with a positive impression.

More politeness from your team will lead to more smiles from your clients!

Alona Bolotnikova is committed to increasing client satisfaction and retention for managed service providers. Her years of experience in customer service and an overzealous eye for detail helped form Perfecting Service, “the best-kept secret for MSPs."