Grammar and Customer Satisfaction (CSAT)

In a study of perceived author credibility and mistakes in spelling and grammar, the results suggest that better quality will elicit greater degrees of perceived author credibility.

Simply put, service desk technicians should pay attention to their spelling and grammar for their work to leave a positive impression on customers. Maintaining proper grammar rules increases the authority and professionalism of the organization the technician is representing. A client may think, “If they don’t know the difference between ‘their’ and ‘there,’ are they paying attention to the details in fixing my issue?” The attention to detail that is required for proper spelling and grammar evokes a feeling of competency and accuracy regarding someone’s work. Moreover, error-ridden communication can demonstrate a lack of care. Poor grammar and spelling can come off as unprofessional or sloppy and can leave customers with a less than perfect impression even if their technical issue was taken care of.

The team at Perfecting Service points out errors in grammar and spelling and corrects them so that bad habits can be addressed.

Some common words that we find misused are:

Your: shows possession

You’re: you are

Their: shows possession

There: specifies a location

They’re: they are

Then: time

Than: comparison

Its: shows possession

It’s: it is

Were: past tense of are

Where: specifies a location

We’re: we are

Affect: to influence

Effect: a result

Bear with me: be patient with me

Bare with me: doesn’t belong in the workplace

With daily feedback to service technicians in areas such as grammar, politeness, and expectations, Perfecting Service helps make sure that you and your team leave a positive overall impression on your clients.

Alona Bolotnikova is committed to increasing client satisfaction and retention for managed service providers. Her years of experience in customer service and an overzealous eye for detail helped form Perfecting Service, “the best-kept secret for MSPs."