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What We Do

Perfecting Service provides quantitative feedback for customer service representatives in order to improve their customers’ experiences.

Daily feedback with personalized suggestions guide the representatives toward perfecting their service.

About Us

We noticed a need for unbiased, quantifiable, and fact-based feedback for people in the customer service industry, so Perfecting Service was born. A team of perfectionist customer service specialists provide your team with daily feedback for improving their customers’ experiences.

Utilizing over ten years of customer service experience and overzealous eyes for details, the Perfecting Service team was formed. We like to think that it takes a unique mind to enjoy providing this type of feedback, and would love to provide that service to your team!

“Our customer satisfaction score went from an average of 72.73%, to 95.62%, to our first 100%!” – Adam Radulovic,

“The perfect QA service for accurate insight into the quality of our service.” – Philipp Graves, Antisyn

“The best kept secret for MSPs.” – Kevin Studley, The Network Pro

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